Grapplers Guide

So you want to be a grappler? We are currently working on an all inclusive guide that will show you the most important steps and tips to successfully become a grappler.

Tip #1: Be ready to get beat up at first

This is really important to understand and accept that you are going to go in and get beat up at first, especially if you don’t have any type of grappling experience. There have been countless times that I have seen super athletic college athletes come into the gym and get destroyed by guys much smaller and less athletic than them. Often they will leave scratching their head, never to return. One of the reasons is because they just weren’t ready to get beat up which means they have not accepted the fact that it was going to happen. This leads us to tip 2…

Tip #2: Be prepared to be humbled

This sort of goes with tip #1, but you need to be ready to be humbled. As talked about above, you need to accept that you are going to get arm bared, you are going to get choked, and you are going to get beat up. It’s just a part of the grappling process.

Yes, if you are athletic and have a little bit of experience you will do much better, but it’s almost inevitable that you are going to be getting beat up along your grappling journey.

Tip #3: Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them

One of the biggest issues that I see from a lot of people that are new to grappling is that they just try to survive. And in a way this is part of the learning process and is actually recommended by some experts. But recognize at some point you need to allow yourself to make mistakes, get beat up, and more importantly get submitted.

Too often I see people just staying tight and curling up in a ball basically, just to not get submitted. But when you get submitted, you learn.

Often when I get submitted, I go home and look up defense for that submission and then next time I’m in the same position I work the defense.