Kick Pads For Wrestling

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Wrestling kick pads are a basic requirement for both collegiate and international wrestlers because of the fact that they provide the essential protection and comfort that a wrestler requires. The increasing popularity of kick pads is explained by the fact that both novices and experienced wrestlers need a lot of training to help them cope with the competition in the sport. Generally, kick pads are made from materials almost similar to those used to make kneepads and sleeve pads only that they are firmer and more versatile because of the kind of work it performs. Every wrestler should look for various things when buying wrestling kick pads. Here is a detailed explanation of some of the key areas to focus on to ensure you get value for your money.

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Essentials For Wrestling Kick Pads

We are going to be going over what we believe to be the most essential aspects of finding a good pair of wrestling kick pads…

Kick Pad Materials

Generally speaking, the materials used should be of high quality considering that the kick pads are perhaps the most used during both training and wrestling. You need to ensure that the materials are lightweight and stretchable to offer you the kind of flexibility and mobility that is essential for any greater performance. Wrestlers prefer to wear kick pads to help them make their moves without fear of getting injuries even as they engage in sparring or when in a competitive sport. In addition, kick pads reduce the chances of sustaining mat burns and other related gaming injuries. However, it is worth noting that since the kick pads are made from light materials, they do not offer the kind of protection that an individual needs.

The Padding

Ensure that your kick pads provide you with an opportunity to reduce the direct impact on your leg as you shoot your kicks. In the same vein, kick pads protect your partner or competitor against the direct impact of your kick. Usually, the kick pads are made from cotton or can be a combination of both cotton and other materials that can stretch. The padding that is placed around the knee and the leg are usually thick, soft and this allows for effective takedowns and kicks. In addition, they provide the right traction that makes the wrestlers not to slide across the wrestling mats. Whether you have had previous injuries or not, wrestling kick pads would protect you from potential during training sessions or actual fights. For this reason, kick pads are supposed to have the padding that covers the entire leg. Depending on your individual needs, you need to ensure that the padding provides you the right amount of cushion without negatively affecting your motion or flexibility.

Sizing Your Wrestling Kick Pads

Although every brand out there comes with a unique sizing and fit, a unique or standard size applies to every kick pad. Most essentially, you need to ensure that thee kick pads fit you well to give you the support you need. In most cases, the kick pads come as one-size-fit-it all and you can find small, medium and large or extra-large kick pads depending on your size. Remember it doesn’t matter your height or your weight—what matters is how small or large your legs are. If you are a person with huge thighs and calves, you should go for the large or extra-sized kick pads. However, do not buy kick pads that either too large as they will feel loose. Opting for extremely small kick pads can also negatively affect your performance. A pair of kick pads that fits well on your legs means that you will remain secured during training or when you are in actual competitions. The size of the kick pad does dictate how it fits on your legs. Since you will be using the kick pads for some years, you need to buy a set of pads that will take you through a great deal of time. How the kick pads fit you depends on the size, so be sure to buy kick pads that fit you well by tightening or loosening the straps.

When to Replace Your Kick Pads

While kick pads are designed to last, extended use will make them deteriorate. Depending on how frequent you use your kick pads, your kick pads may need regular replacement. The amount of time you will need to replace your kick pads also depends on the quality of the materials used. Trainers and novices in the wrestling field tend to use kick pads more frequently than experienced wrestlers hence their pads will wear faster.

The climate or conditions in which you train will impact the amount of time your kick pads will stay functional. Colder, drier conditions are considered friendly to the pads compared to the humid conditions. Therefore, be sure to train in conditions that support the durability of the pads. If possible, train under controlled conditions in-doors to avoid destruction of your pads due to cosmetic damage. After many months of use, the padding inside the kick pads begins to curve inwards causing the cushioning to push outwards. If you start feeling the impact of the kicker or your own kicks, you should know that your padding inside the kick pad is wearing out and need to be replaced. If you notice a huge impact on a heavy kicker during your sparring sessions or actual performance, you should consider replacing your set of pads. The other telltale sign that you need to hang your old kick pads and get a brand set is when you seek stitches come out. When this begins to happen, you begin to reduce the protection you need when playing.

Making Your Kick Pads Work for You

The key to finding a pair of kick-pads that are right for you is to understand what your needs are. Most experienced wrestlers would agree that the right padding gives you comfort and provides the wrestler the protection he or she needs from the direct impact of the kicks. Therefore, you need to find kick pads that have more coverage and sufficient padding. You can try on a few pairs of kick pads to have a feel for them. You can also talk to your trainer or experienced wrestlers to help you figure out the right types of kick pads you need to take your wrestling to the next level.

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