How To Buy The Right Wrestling Mat

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  1. Mat Size
  2. Pre-Cut Mats
  3. Custom Wrestling Mats
  4. Mat Thickness
  5. Mat Material

Wrestling entails many things and the mat is perhaps one of the most critical essentials that any wrestler needs since there would be no place to practice without one. Just like buying a home mat, the best wrestling mats are not easy to choose considering a myriad of factors that go into what makes a good mat. Buying a wrestling mat can cost you a great deal of your savings and requires a lot of time to choose the right one for your game. Whether you are buying a mat for your own training room, a professional wrestling place or simply wish to throw it in your garage space, a brand new mat will prove to be an essential equipment for guaranteed success. Here, we will help you with the information that can assist you to make a better decision on the type of wrestling mats that will be a worthy investment.

Consider The Best Wrestling Mat Size

You have limited options when considering the size of the mat for your wrestling room. Either you can choose pre-cut mats that have been made for sale or you can order a custom size that fits into your room.

Best Pre-cut Wrestling Mats

Pre-cut mats come in different sizes. Typically, you can choose large-sized mats or medium or small-sized mats depending on your needs. You can also choose to buy several pre-cut mats and join them to form a complete piece that fits in your proposed wrestling room. The advantage of pre-cut mats is that they are affordable compared to custom-made mats. You can find them in various dimensions such as 18×18 ft, 24×24 ft, 30×30 ft, 36×36 ft, 38×38 ft, and 42×36 ft among other sizes.

You can buy several long sections of the mat and join them together to obtain a mat that can fit into long and narrow spaces of your room. If you only need to lay a mat in a room that will only supplement your training, small-sized mats would be a good option for you. When you buy small mats, you can save the mat from extensive and longer wrestling activities.

Custom Wrestling Mats

If you have ventured into the world of wrestling as either a wrestling training firm or a competition organizer, you certainly have spared a substantial amount of space for this kind of enterprise. Therefore, you are going to require a custom mat that is cut to the size of your wrestling space. Ideally, custom mats are cut to fit from wall-to-wall and end-to-end. Ordinarily, custom-built mats are slightly expensive than pre-cut mats because you need them cut to precision and with the preferred type of materials.

Mat Thickness

The thickness of your wrestling mat means a lot to the comfort of your wrestlers and the durability of the mat itself. Thin mats are lightweight and hence are easy to move from store to store or from one wrestling room to the next. This is often helpful if you train outdoors and cannot leave your mat out. On the other hand, thicker mats are heavier, durable and are good for spaces that are specifically designated for wresting, especially indoors. Here are some of the popular thicknesses that you can choose from when buying your wrestling mat.
• 5/8 inch—this is usually used as a supplemental mat, hence not to be used solely.
• 1-inch
• 1.25 inches
• 1.5 inches
• 2 inches

Wrestling Mat Material

Ensure that the surface of your wrestling mat is made from materials that are not abrasive such as vinyl or canvas. Such materials are durable and their coating protects against the cracks and prevents soaking of the moisture. The texture should be perfect to provide comfort and the best landing place for wrestlers. You can choose mats that have slick surfaces to allow wrestlers move across and along with it without any injuries due to burns. You can choose rougher mats if you are planning for competitions.

Now you have an idea about what makes a good mat for wrestling, so you should insist on what is best for yourself or your trainees. You need to choose a mat based on the factors discussed among others that you deem important elements of a perfect mat.

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