The Best Scales For Wrestling

Table Of Contents:

  1. Wrestle Scale Quality, Accuracy & Cost
  2. NTEP Certification
  3. Wrestling Scale Suppliers
  4. Scale Types
  5. Portable Wrestling Scales
  6. Locker Room Wrestling Scales
  7. Online Ordering

There are many different forms of equipment that wrestling teams need. Given that all matches are arranged according to the weight of individual wrestlers, however, wrestling scales are arguably the most important resources for these grounds to have on hand. Most teams are using digital scales and many of these groups are required to invest in products that are NTEP-certified. Given the vast range of wrestling scales that are currently on the market, it is vital to know which options are best for your needs as well as how to choose the right products for different applications.

Scale Quality, Accuracy, And Cost

When investing in digital wrestling scales, the price is usually a key consideration for team managers. No matter what your budget may be, however, there are a number of additional factors that should be top priorities as well. Among these are accuracy and quality. After all, it makes absolutely no sense to spend even a very nominal sum of money on a wrestling scale that will not accurately assess the weight of your wrestlers pre-match and that cannot be used as part of any official weigh-in due to its failure to comply. Moreover, you certainly don’t want to spend several hundred dollars on an accurate and compliant scale that is not durable enough to last through the current season. You want to instead work with a company that is committed to providing durable, accurate and NTEP-certified products so that you’re guaranteed to get good value from your purchase.

NTEP Certification

When you shop for wrestling scales, one term that you’re guaranteed to come across is “NTEP certified”. This is a certification that basically classifies scales as being “legal for trade”. Whenever companies or private parties choose to sell items according to their weight, they are legally required to use NTEP certified scales. This is a requirement that is designed to protect consumers by ensuring overall accuracy. This way, you aren’t charging people for a higher weight of goods than they are actually getting. With wrestling scales, NTEP certification ensures that this equipment will be accurately measuring the weight of your wrestlers so that two players that are unequally matched in overall size are not being forced to face off. There are a number of leagues that require NTEP certification, but there are also several leagues that do not. Before shopping for wrestling scales, you want to find out whether or not NTEP certification is essential for your league.

NTEP certification is viewed as being a stamp of approval within the wrestling community. This means that NTEP scales have undergone strict and rigorous tests to make sure that they are reliable and capable of providing numbers that are both valid and accurate. The general idea behind this requirement is that if the scales used in business are sufficient for meeting the standards of the US government, then they should be equally sufficient in sports applications.

Wrestling Scale Suppliers

Rather than purchasing a scale from a general supply company, it is best to work with businesses that either specialize in the provision of wrestling gear, or in the provision of wrestling scales only. This way, the seller will have a unique understanding of your needs. Moreover, niche-specific companies are going to have a much broader range of applicable products for you to choose from.

It is additionally important to make sure that this business offers competitive pricing, firm guarantees, and optimum customer service. With good customer support, you can get timely answers to any questions that you might have concerning scale certifications and any requirements that are specific to your league. You can also work with these professionals to identify the most durable and reliable products among their top-sellers among many other things. A good supplier will always have the ability to calibrate and repair any products that it offers.

Scale Types

If you have a very modest budget for your team, then you may be interested in investing in one simple, standalone solution that will suffice for all of your general weighing and pre-match, weigh-in needs. With a bit more money to spend, however, you should be able to purchase separate products for locker-room use, portable use, official weigh-ins and more. In school settings, wrestling teams often need two separate scales for conducting separate weigh-ins for girls and boys, especially when students hope to remove various items of clothing in order to make weight.

Portable Wrestling Scales

Portable scales tend to be very light in weight for easy transport and use. They are ideal for use at the gym and for taking on the road to major tournaments. Teams that have limited budgets can also use these portable scales at home given their reliable efficiency. There are a number of NTEP certified scales that are designed with portability in mind.

Locker Room Scales

These are heavier and more durable units that are typically designed to be used in place. You can find a variety of options that are low enough in price for allowing school teams to purchase two separate scales for use in gender-specific lockers rooms. These are ideal for both conducting official weigh-ins and for weighing wrestlers in-between meets to simply confirm that these individuals have been able to keep their weights on track.

Ordering Wrestling Scales Online

There are two very important things that all team captains, coaches, and managers should remember when opting to order scales online. Foremost among these is that shipping times and order processing times are hardly one and the same, this is especially vital to keep in mind when you need your new scale to arrive quickly. Thus, even if you have paid additional monies for next day shipping, you will still have to account for the time that it takes for sellers to pull, package and actually ship your order. You can learn more about order processing times by reading through store policies. The second important point to note is that some sellers may charge you a restocking fee if you ever have to return or exchange wrestling scales due to your own error. You can also find information on return and exchange fees by reading through store policies.

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