What Are The Right Wrestling Shoes For You?

Wrestling has become one of the most popular entertainment sports in the world today. The tremendous growth of this sport has made it possible for many people to jump into the game to enjoy the fame and money that come with it. But did you know that the wrestling gear, especially shoes play a pivotal role in the success of the wrestler? Camo Wrestling shoes have been uniquely designed to help a wrestler maximize his or her performance in all the wrestling moves, including takedowns, pins, and throws. It is worth noting that the best kind of shoes will also give you flexibility, increase your mobility while at the same time allowing you to gain the kind of traction that you need to help fight throughout without any troubles. You need the right shoes to help give support to your ankle, a part of the body that is crucial to your stability.

Before buying a pair of wrestling shoes, there are numerous factors to consider. Some of the obvious yet often ignored elements include the best fit of the shoes and the ankle support. Other things to consider are the material used, the required traction, the sole type and the height of the sole. great shoes will have a combination of these elements well included to give you the kind of results you want in a game. Here are some of the factors to consider in detail:

Wrestling Shoe Fit

Experts say that your shoe should fit or conform to the foot very well to help the player feel comfortable. Remember that loose shoes will affect your movement, stability, speed and can cause you serious injuries since such a shoe does not give you the support that is needed in the game. The rule of thumb is that you need to have a feel of being barefooted so that you can work your way through during the game. Anything less than this would mean the shoe is working against you, which is a recipe for injury risks and poor performance. The fact that wrestling shoes are expected to fit the wearer tightly doesn’t mean that they should make you feel uncomfortable. Usually, wrestling shoes are almost a half the size of shoes worn in other athletics. What makes these shoes different is that they stretch, so you need to ascertain that your shoe gives you a snug and conforms to your foot before and after stretching.

Wrestling Shoes Material and Quality

Check to ensure that the wrestling shoes you want to buy are made from lightweight materials that are also breathable. It is recommended that the shoes be made from leather, nylon or any other material that allows your feet to breath while giving you comfort, mobility, and enhanced speed. If possible, go for the shoe that has a mesh design on the upper part of it to help reduce the amount of sweat that tends to build up during the performance.

Without a doubt, you need to check the quality of the materials. The leather is usually pricey compared to all other types of material but is strong and durable. Leather shoes are a good fit for heavyweight and experienced wrestlers while novices would be fine with nylon shoes. Nylon, as well as other materials, would be suitable for shoes to be worn by lightweight wrestlers because these are the people who engage in many and quick movements.

Shoe Soles

Wrestling shoes come in two different sole types: insoles and split soles. A unisole is has a single rubber that runs from front to back of the shoe. Heavyweight wrestlers need this type of sole because it distributes the weight very well to allow for better throws and takedowns. On the other hand, a split sole consists are made from two pieces of rubber. The lower piece of rubber is designed to provide support to the heel, while the upper piece aims at supporting the ball of the foot. This increases flexibility, speed and enables the wrestler to remain stable on the ground.

Whether you are a lightweight or heavyweight wrestler, important to ensure that your Camo Wrestling Shoes conform to these basic requirements of the right shoe.