High Top Wrestling Shoes

A good pair of wrestling shoes will provide a snug, comfortable and truly seamless fit after these have been properly broken in. When it comes to choosing footwear that’s going to provide the greatest amount of durability, flexibility, and support, however, many players make the mistake of allowing the price to be their sole consideration. It’s vital to note that cost is never the sole determining factor when it comes to establishing quality, ease of use and all-around efficiency. There are lots of styles, sizes, and brands to choose from. Players also have the option of deciding between high top and low top shoe designs. Following are several reasons why high top wrestling shoes are frequently preferred by seasoned and highly active wrestlers

Better Ankle Support From High Tops

Many wrestlers prefer high top wrestling shoes for the increased amount of ankle support they provide. As with lower top designs, these still have a network of laces that cover the top of the foot and allow for needs-specific adjustments. One thing that they possess that other shoe styles do not, however, is an additional and often thick closer that travels completely around the ankle or just beneath it. This closer is usually secured with Velcro for easy opening and clothing. If you have these shoes on when hitting a very forceful stance against an opponent, you’ll find that your ankles are subjected to a lot less strain given this additional supporting feature. As such, if you ever suffer from ankle pain throughout the wrestling season, you may simply need to switch from low top to high top wrestling shoes.

Strong And Reliable Grip

Not only does this additional provide added ankle support, but it is also helpful for keeping your shoes on. Shoes don’t often slip off in wrestling matches given that they are meant to provide a sock-like fit. With a lot of force, opposition and movement, however, a lower top shoe has a higher likelihood of slipping off or into an uncomfortable position than does one with a higher grip. This is especially true after this footwear has sustained a significant amount of wear and tear. Bear in mind that wrestling shoes tend to become looser and more pliable the more that they are worn and practiced in.

Less Stress On The Shins When Wearing High Top Shoes

Having better ankle support can also alleviate stress on your shins and even on your knees. Thus, ankle pain is not the only physical sign that you may need a bigger, better and more supportive shoe design. At the end of the day, choosing the right pair of wrestling shoes is a vital part of preventing both discomfort and unnecessary injuries. For many wrestlers, high top wrestling shoes are the only options capable of providing the level of support they need.