Pick The Right Kids & Youth Wrestling Shoes

There are a number of challenges that parents are likely to face when buying youth & kids wrestling shoes. Foremost among these is a surprising lack of availability. Countless parents jump into their cars and head to local sporting goods stores once their children sign up for wrestling teams. Not only do these companies tend to carry a very limited supply of these products, but they often run out before all of their local customers have been accommodated. Following are some of the many problems that you’re likely to face when shopping for this type of athletic footwear, along with a few, simple strategies for overcoming them.

Not Enough Options In The Right Shoe Size

The most common problems that parents of student-athletes face is not enough options in the right shoe sizes for their kids. There are very few specialty wrestling gear suppliers in most areas. This means that people have to rely on general sporting stores, which can only afford to devote a very limited amount of space to these options. Moreover, given that nearly every child on your kid’s team will likely have a comparable shoe size, the options that are available are virtually guaranteed to sell out fast. The obvious and best solution to this all-too-common issue is to simply take your search for youth & kids wrestling shoes online.

Difficulty In Determining Your Child’s Wrestling Shoe Size

When shopping the web, parents should remember that wrestling shoe sizes and sizes for everyday shoes are not always the same. Moreover, there can be differences in the determinations for shoe sizes from brand to brand. For instance, if your youngster wears a size five in one particular shoe type, he or she may need a size six in another. Each manufacturer, however, will usually provide a comprehensive, online size chart that lists the respective foot measurements for each size. You can measure the length and the width of your child’s foot before shopping online. You can also have these measurements taken in-store, ahead of making an online purchase. Keep in mind that youth & kids wrestling shoes should provide a very close fit, almost as if your youngster was wearing a second pair of socks.

Accounting For The Possibility Of Rapid Growth Spurts

Unfortunately for parents, kids have feet that grow fast. At times, some kids can gain a whole new foot size, almost overnight. In fact, right about the age that kids start playing competitive sports, they usually start undergoing rapid growth spurts. To stay on top of these, it is generally a good idea to buy one pair of youth & kids wrestling shoes that fit perfectly, and another that is one to two sizes larger. This strategy can be especially cost-effective when sellers are making buy-one-get-one-free or half-off offers.