How To Get The Best Deals On Wrestling Products

When the wrestling season arrives, finding all of the apparel and accessories for safely participating in this sport can be extremely difficult. This is especially true if you try to buy these items in local, sporting good stores rather than working with web-based, specialty companies. Most local retailers only stock a very limited range of singlets, wrestling shoes and other essentials for accommodating a very limited range of needs. When you want products in specific colors, sizes, and styles, it’s always best to shop the Internet instead. Following are a few tips that will help you access the wrestling gear you need without having to pay a veritable fortune in the process.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Sports Stores
  2. Sizing Charts
  3. Regulations
  4. Wrestling Shoes
  5. Special Suppliers
  6. Growth Spurts
  7. Mailing Lists
  8. Bulk Ordering
  9. Custom Wrestling Products

Understand How Online Sporting & Wrestling Stores Work

Companies that offer general sports apparel often have massive inventories. As such, rather than housing their apparel and other accessories on their own, these entities rent space in large warehouses and then pay third-party, order processing companies to pick, pull, package and ship their orders for them. This means that they pay a small fee for every order that gets processed. Moreover, when orders get sent back, they have to pay an additional fee to have the related items re-shelved and logged back into their inventory management systems.

As a result, many consumers are charged restocking fees when sending online orders back due to mistakes of their own. This means that if you order wrestling products in the wrong colors, sizes, and styles and hope to exchange or return them, you may need to pay additional money in order to do so. This makes it important to carefully read through the store policies on refunds and exchanges before choosing to work with any specific supplier. Doing so will ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises in the future.

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Use Online Sizing Charts To Avoid The Need For Exchanges

Having to exchange an under or over-sized item can be very problematic in terms of overall timing as well. The wrestling season comes and goes pretty fast and thus, you don’t really have weeks to wait for an order to turn out just right. Reputable companies always offer detailed sizing charts for all of their apparel. This allows consumers to choose items based on their weight, height, and current physical dimensions rather than on mere sizes. Keep in mind that although the sizes of wrestling apparel are meant to be universal, there can be differences in how well one size fits from one manufacturer or designer to another. As such, referring to sizing charts rather than whole numbers is the surest way to avoid purchasing products that don’t look, fit and feel good overall.

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Know The Regulations And Requirements Of Your Wrestling League

In addition to having a proper-fitting singlet, your league or your child’s wrestling league may have a few, stringent requirements for wrestling accessories. For instance, a lot of wrestlers are not allowed to hit the mat until they have properly fitting wrestling shoes. They also need to have mouth guards, chin guards and some form of headgear. The younger a child is when participating in these leagues, the more protective accessories he or she will need to have. Before shopping for any items, make sure to confer with the coach or team manager to ensure that you’ve got the specifics of your child’s equipment needs just right.

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Choosing The Right Wrestling Shoes

Unlike traditional, everyday footwear, wrestling shoes are intended to provide a very tight and seamless fit. As such, these are often among the most difficult wrestling products to shop for online. Notwithstanding, using the web to get wrestling shoes remains among the most cost-effective ways to purchase these items. A lot of parents choose to take their children to get them measured in-store. Once you have precise foot measurements for your child, you can refer to online sizing charts to get attractive, durable shoes that fit and feel just right.

You will likely find that properly fitting wrestling shoes are among some of the hardest wrestling products to find in-store. Most sports stores only carry a very limited range of this apparel. Moreover, if there are a lot of wrestling teams in your area, all of the most common shoe sizes are guaranteed to get bought up real fast. This is yet another reason to take your search for wrestling singlets and accessories to the web.

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Working With Speciality Suppliers

In addition to working with general sporting goods stores, whether in-person or online, you can also choose to shop from niche-specific suppliers. There are a number of reputable companies that focus solely on the provision of wrestling products. These entities are going to have the greatest range of apparel and accessories available. They will also be staffed by many knowledgeable representatives who have had some manner of experience in this sport as well. Thus, whenever questions or concerns arise, you’ll have seasoned representatives that you can reach out to get the timely answers you need.

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Accommodating Growth Spurts

Due to the seasonality of certain wrestling products, you may want to purchase a few items in multiple sizes. This is especially true if you are buying for a child who is poised to see a massive increase in height and overall body weight over the course of the next wrestling season. As your youngster grows out of one single or a particular pair of wrestling shoes, you can always have backup options waiting in the wings. During the height of the season, you certainly won’t have time to place another order and to wait for the related company to process and ship your purchase.

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Join Wrestling Mailing Lists

Companies that only offer wrestling products will be able to meet your needs both during the regular wrestling season and after this season has ended. Students who are truly serious about this sport are going to need gear to practice in year-round so that they can maintain their physiques and their skills after normal competitions have ended. Signing up for company mailing lists will allow you to secure significant discounts on these products at all times of the year. Once you have opted into these campaigns, you will start receiving regular promotional offers and notifications of sales right in your inbox. These subscriptions can even make you privy to discount opportunities that aren’t made available to the general public. This is a great way to save money on wrestling products without having to compromise on overall quality.

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Order In Bulk

If you or your child has participated in this sport before, think about the different items that have worn down quickly. For instance, even high-quality singlets and undershirts can show signs of significant wear over time gave that they are constantly being subjected to a tremendous amount of friction. Wrestlers often build up a lot of sweat when engaging in this sport and thus, times like these are often dried multiple times throughout the season. Whether worried about faded colors, worn fabrics or actual rips and tears, there are some items that you may want to buy in multiples in order to avoid return visits to the same store, and within a very short period of time.

Buying in bulk is actually always a good idea given that your per unit cost with these purchases will invariably go down. Rather than buying in mere multiples of two and three, however, think about teaming up with other parents from your child’s team to submit massive orders that will accommodate everyone. Not only will this allow you to qualify for some pretty hefty, bulk discounts, but it can also greatly diminish the shipping costs for your purchase as well. In fact, in some instances, submitting a bulk order will actually qualify you for free shipping. There are a number of sports apparel suppliers that offer free shipping on all orders that exceed a specific dollar value.

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Getting Customized Wrestling Products

In addition to buying your child apparel and accessories for wrestling practice, you may need to invest in custom wrestling products for giving an entire team a uniform and well-polished look overall. When this is the case, make sure to look for companies that can produce custom wrestling products. These are entities that can stitch, emboss or print mascots, team names, player numbers and other additions directly onto their apparels and accessories. When you work with these companies, you should have the option of using existing graphics, or of designing these from the ground up. Surprisingly, there are a number of companies offering custom wrestling products that have their own in-house design experts on hand all of the time. The professionals can offer you as little or as much help as you need in creating the perfect look for your players.

Understanding how to find customized wrestling products is vital for keeping your supply chain simple. The only other option is to invest in very basic accessories and apparel and to then find a company that is willing to customize these items for you. Not only is this significantly more expensive, but it can also be a lot more time-consuming overall.

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